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Why Infertility Treatment in Iran?

For many years, Iran and its well-equipped hospitals especially in the city of Tehran have welcomed many couples from around the world

who sought infertility treatment. Iran is a well-known medical destination in the field of infertility and its related treatments, boasting an impressive success rate in the treatments of the field.

Competent physicians, competitive prices, high experience of medical centers and viable and certified medical tourism companies are the main reasons that every year tens of thousands of people from countries like the UAE, Iraq, Oman, Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait, etc. head to Iran to receive Infertility treatment services. 

Iran uses various treatments to tackle infertility all of which are in accordance with the latest standards and methods worldwide. Successful experiences of the patients both in regards to the success rate of the treatment as well as the process of their medical travel are a testament that Iran is valid and viable choice of destination in the field of infertility treatment.

Why Behpooyan ?

The Behpooyan medical tourism agency is an expert company formed by experienced and competent founders to provide health services. Behpooyan offers various different medical services to patients and tourists from many countries. However, its main focus is on infertility and cosmetic treatments and surgeries. 

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Infertility treatment is done in different hospitals and by different physicians. Behpouyan will help you to receive your treatment in the very best of hospitals and by the very best of competent Iranian doctors, in order to ensure a happy and memorable experience of your infertility treatment.

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Most foreign nationals do not need a visa to enter Iran for medical treatment or can obtain a visa at the point of entry into Iran. However, in cases where the patient or his companions need to obtain a visa, Behpooyan will be by your side with the help of his partners and reputable companies in this field. Before traveling to Iran, you can find out the latest rules for entering Iran according to your nationality by visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran .

Behpooyan will be by your side from the moment you arrive in Iran. From transfer services to accommodation, whatever you need, Behivian will help you with the help of its partners in various fields of tourism.
Yes; In the field of infertility treatment, our specialist colleagues will answer your questions immediately.
No, Behpooyan acts as a facilitator and has the task of reviewing your requests and connecting to the relevant service provider.